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Pompeii VIP: Skip the line with YOUR Archeologist


2 hours

Offered in English and Italian

About your host

Ciao explorers! I’m a Neapolitan Archaeologist and an Official Tour Guide of the Campania Region. I have a degree in Archaeology, a master in Classical Archaeology and a Ph.D. in Archeological Heritage – everything turns around archaeology for me! Also, I am working as researcher on archaeological excavation here in Naples (the underground of Naples is an amazing world!). Since I was a child, I have always loved the ancient history of Greece and Rome as well as art from the Middle Ages to the 20th (1900s). I am the founder of “Naples Grand Tour” a team that offers tours of quality all over the Region with only AUTHORIZED local guides! We made the Culture our Future. – The municipality of City of Pompeii has awarded us the Prize for great and honorable guide and we are proud of it! (Oct 2019) – In September 2019 the Nobel Prize for Medicine 2011 Dr. B. Beutler was with us for a tour of Pompeii. (see pics on the slideshow) Me and My co-hosts/friends (Alessandra, Roberta, Maria, Teresa, Ida) are ALL official guides and archeologists who all studied at the University of Naples Federico II. We’ll offer our guide’s skills of years and knowledge and a deep understanding of local culture, art, history, archaeology, and more for those who want to understand and investigate the incredible richness of Pompeii and…we are local 🙂


What we’ll do

* We ANNOUNCE: finally we integrated our Itinerary with the LATEST discoveries/new openings such the House of Leda and the Swan (discovered 2019) and the most beautiful house of Pompeii: House of golden Cupids with its superb frescoes, mosaics and garden. Now with this tour we cover the greatest part of the city avoiding CROWDS. Do you want to see the ruins of Pompeii? Do you want to visit corners of the city where tourists don’t arrive? Do you want to relive the feelings of the last hours of the Roman colony with the expertise of a local archeologist? What better way to do it than with a Vesuvian archaeologist and licensed guide! Explore the ancient city, its ruins and take a trip back in time. Without waiting for queues at the ticket office (we have PRIORITY LINE) and with an intimate small group we will leave from the main entrance of the city: Porta Marina Superiore. From there looking at the volcano, the Mt. Vesuvius, we will pass through the Antiquarium, where I will show you the objects found during the last excavations, such as the coin that changed the date of the eruption. Continuing we will pass through the Basilica, the Forum with the market and the main Temples of Apollo, Jupiter and Isis talking about the connection with MOZART…we will walk through the Decumanus major (Main street of Pompeii), looking closely and from inside the Baths without forgetting the famous Lupanare (red light house uhuh)! We will explore some of the most beautiful domus (houses such as the Faun), and in particular the richest Domus where the restorations were made by my Professor: the House of Golden Cupids with an amazing garden, painting walls and mosaics and the NEW ENTRY: Leda and the Swan. The visit will continue through stores and roman restaurants along our way, a visit to the famous Plaster Casts (BODIES), a quick stop at the oldest part of the city (Doric Temple), Gladiators training ground and finally: The Great Theatre (you can sing too if you wish 🙂 !

What else you should know

– Ticket NOT INCLUDED: € 15 per person. Free under 18. 18-25 yrs old (only EU) 2 euro.
-SKIP THE LINE at the tickets office, so we won’t wait on the line.
– By TRAIN: take CIRCUMVESUVIANA because is just in front of the meeting point. *If you take TRENITALIA the meeting point is 30 min walking or 10 mins by taxi
– By CAR you could park at “Camping Spartacus” or “Camping Zeus”
– EVEN If you don’t see a date or you have a different hours, please send us a message and we can open a new slot.
– We wait 15 min from the start in case of delay, in case you are late you can contact us and reach us inside 🙂
This exp has amazing and specialized co-hosts all verified!
* For more reviews or for a tour of Naples have a look to our exp: Historical Naples: origin, cults, legends

What to bring

*Discount on another Experience (tour of Naples, Herculaneum etc) if you book this. Contact us 🙂
– Even If you don’t see a date or you have a different hours, please send us a message and we can open a new slot.
– comfortable shoes
– water
– hat/umbrella if it rains
– love and passion for archeology
– ask and learn
– have fun


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