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Explore the ancient city, its ruins and take a trip back in time. Without waiting for queues at the ticket office (we have PRIORITY LINE) we will leave from the main entrance of the city: Porta Marina Superiore. From there looking at the volcano, the Mt. Vesuvius, we will pass through the Antiquarium, where I will show you the objects found during the last excavations, such as the coin that changed the date of the eruption. Continuing we will pass through the Basilica, the Forum with the market and the main Temples … we will walk through the decumanus major (Main street of Pompeii), looking closely and from inside the Baths without forgetting the famous Lupanar! We will explore some of the most beautiful domus (houses), The visit will continue through stores and shops, roman restaurants, a visit to the famous bodies, Theatre, Gladiators’ Barracks.


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